Conny Hart
Nature, with its inexhaustible variety of colors, shapes, and sensual materials, the never-ending processes of becoming and passing, life itself, intense encounters, and touching moments, everything surrounding me can be impulsive for my artistic work. Inspired by the outside, my works always arise in dialogue with my inner self. Feelings often find a pictorial expression before they can be cognitively grasped. Therefore, art is, for me, sometimes a determination of location, sometimes a processing possibility of my experience. Thus, on the one hand, powerful, almost archaic-looking images whose effect is underlined by natural materials such as ash, stone powder, and pigments. Almost in contrast, the canvases in acrylic appear light, colorful, dynamic, and playful. Mainly the works remain non-representational and thus leave room for the viewer to immerse himself in his experiential processes.
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